In 1939, James Montgomery Flagg was the judge of a beauty contest along with friend and famous photographer Hal Phyfe. Flagg for some reason gave his vote to Phyfe and did not like who Phyfe chose. TIME Magazine wrote up the incident and made up the bit about Flagg apologizing to Cobina Wright Jr. Flagg wrote this illustrated note which shows he does not agree with TIME Magazine's interpretation of the events that night. The girl's mother apparently had some pull and got TIME to report things favorably. The TIME Magazine article is to the right of the letter. Cobina Wright Jr went on to be an actress, her picture is below the article.

TIME Magazine - Feb 27, 1939

In a contest held at Palm Beach's swank Colony Club, the leading contender for the title of "Glamor Girl of Palm Beach" was 17-year-old Cobina Wright Jr., Manhattan cafe society songstress. Judges were Photographer Hal Phyfe and Illustrator James Montgomery Flagg. After an argument with his fellow judge, Flagg huffed: "I have a vote, but it is not for Miss Cobina Wright. However, I will turn my vote over to Phyfe, and he can make the choice." Phyfe promptly chose Cobina Wright. Next day Illustrator Flagg saw her on the beach in a one-piece bathing suit. Dazzled, he begged & received her pardon, ordered a new pair of glasses for night wear.